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Just chilling at home, having a nice quiet evening: a bit of online faffing, a glass of wine. All very pleasant. S is out in town meeting up with his ex Perla, and just called me as she went to the bar to get him a pint.

And I had a little moment of "Ooh! I love being poly!" as I put down the phone. You see, I know so many people who stress about - in some cases could not remotely countenance - their boyfriends/girlfriends/spouses meeting up socially with an ex. But for me it holds no fear. Not because, as most people would assume, I trust S - although I do, of course. But quite simply because, frankly, if he fancied jumping into bed with Perla tonight for old times' sake, I'd be absolutely fine with it. :o)

It's nice to have no fear like that.

ETA: He's staying over in Perla's hotel room, at her suggestion, because she's worried he's too pissed to cycle home. Hee hee hee. He called me on his mobile and she insisted on speaking to me to reassure me she wasn't trying it on with him. I stopped short of saying "Oooh! No! That's OK! You can shag him if you like! That would be quite a nice little thing for old times' sake, no?" Instead, I let her know I thought it was a fab idea to stop him cycling home after 7 pints. Which it is.

So glad I'm not the jealous type. It makes life so much easier. :o)
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