Feb. 14th, 2010

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Wow! Already, the nominations are streaming in. Fascinating project to be running, actually; I've been introduced to so much new stuff I didn't know, so - thanks, everyone. And my longlist is getting longer and longer by the day. It'll still be a while before I come out with my final list, though. I still have many more people to pester for suggestions. I must say it is really fascinating, though, what people are choosing. At least implicitly, I've given people the option of replying privately, but no-one has yet, and I rather like that (but please feel free to do so! Confidentiality is assured!). It shows that many people are perfectly happy to make public their favourites, which is rather nice.

I now intend to publish the longlist at the same time as my final top 10, so that everyone can see what was nominated (although, of course, I shan't say *who* nominated what). I'm not putting absolutely everything on the longlist, but I'm turning to the idea that maybe I should, since the vast majority of suggestions are actually making the longlist anyway. But I'm also choosing my own favourites, as well as looking online for "top sexy videos" searches and similar for extra ideas, so...well, we'll see.

Please feel free to contribute!



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